About us

Our Story

We started as Two Brothers that provided Property Management Services for Tradition/Contemporary Homes on Long-Term Leases

Our goal is plain and simple, Listing or Renting from Toba Realtors should make your life easier! 

Our Long-term Mission is to Assure all homes meet the 4C's: Clean, Comfy, Cozy, and Convenient

By Just Leasing great homes, we were only delivering Clean and Convenient homes to our Tenants. We wanted to expand our services to reach all home owners, so we added Comfy and Cozy to our Service Mix.  

That is why we received extensive Training, built expertise, and became Licensed to deliver:

Real Estate Brokerage Services to: 

Sellers |  We can List and Market your home for sale. 

Buyers | We will Find homes that best meet your needs & provide a Home inspection (Additional charges may apply)

Landlords |  We can Professionally List and Manage your Investment Property (Residential and Commercial)

Contractor Services for:

Heating/Cooling(AC) | We offer Inspection, Installation, Repair, & Maintenance services for the following Home Types:

Mini-Splits | 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton (Low cost solution. Works really well for Manufactured homes)

Split Units | 3 Ton to 5 Ton (Great for Tradition home that have a Duct Work and Attic to house the Furnace)

Package Units | 3 Ton to 5 Ton (Great for homes that have adequate roof clearance but low on livable space)

Roofing | We offer Inspection, and Installation services for all residential units 

Just remember | Best Services, Best Home, and Best Prices start here, at Toba Realtors.