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Take the Next Step on your Home Search Journey! Please review our Qualification Criteria and Application Fees. If you believe that you are able to meet these requirements, take the Next Step by click on one of the Application Buttons below.

Qualification Criteria

***For Federal, State, or Local Public Assistance recipients (Section 8 or similar): You must meet all qualification listed above with an exception to the following:

Application Fees

Application Charge is a non-refundable fee of $30/adult*. Please remember that your Application(s) will not be processed unless Application Fee(s) are fully paid. Application Fee Payment Options:

*Note: Please ensure that your credit reports are unlocked on all three Credit Bureaus. Your application may be rejected or subject to additional application fees if we have to run your credit a second time. If your employer uses the Work Number for Employer Verification. You may be subject to an additional application fee of $65.

Apply Below

It is very important that your Application is Complete and Truthful because all the information you provide will be screened for accuracy and tested against our Qualification Criteria. 

Refers to an individual in your household with the Best Credit, Best Verifiable Income, and the best knowledge about the household information.

Refers to all other Adults (18+) that will be living in the Property. Remember Each Adult in the household must complete a separate application. 

Refers to someone that will not be living in the Property but is providing their Guarantee that you will pay the rent otherwise they will be responsible for the rent.  A Strong Guarantor(s) meet the following criteria: excellent Verifiable Income (5 Times the Rent Amount), Perfect Credit (Credit Score 750+) with consistent/long Payment History.

Refers to someone that will not be living in the Property but is Renting a small portion of the Property in the form of a Parking Spot, Container, or Shed for purposes of storing: Vehicle(s), Trailer(s), RV(s), Boat(s), Personal/Commercial Equipment, and/or Inventory.

Screening Process

Once you have paid the Application Fee(s), and completed Application(s) for all adults in your household and any Co-Signer(s). We will commence the Tenant Screening Process which may take between 5 to 10 Business days. We usually have a large pool of Applicants for our Properties. Your responsiveness to our requests/Questions is a key factor in keeping your Application competitive.  During this time we will perform the following Tenant Screening tasks:



Supporting Documents

If you have been Conditional Approved through the Screening Process.  You will be provided a list of Supporting Documents that we need from your Household. Time is of the essence, if you fail to meet this request within the timeline provided your Application(s) will be declined.  A secure link to a Shared Folder will be provided so everyone in your household can upload their Supporting Documentation. A list of Supporting Documents that we need from your Household may include but is not limited to the following: 

For each Applicant we will require the following documents:

For each Pet, we will require the following documents:

For each Vehicle, we will require the following documents:

Move-In Requirements

Once your Application has been approved. You must complete the following requirements before the Lease Commencement date in order to get possession of the PROPERTY:


Applicants outside Council:  We do not provide Legal Advice or Legal Services of any kind, anytime, for any reason .  All documents executed by the Applicant and Landlords are legally binding. Applicants are encouraged to review all documents carefully before executing. If applicants have questions or concerns regarding the terms, conditions, and covenants listed in these documents.  They are encouraged to seek their own independent council to review and address these concerns.  We are not legally authorized to provide advice on these matters.  

Application Timing and Consideration: Applications are not reviewed on a First-Come, First-Serve Basis. We review applications in batches. 

Application Rejection and Reconsideration: Once an application has been rejected. It will not be reconsidered even if a new application is filed. 

Privacy & Security:  Your personal information collected during the Application Process will remain confidential and will be used solely for determining eligibility for tenancy.

Equal Opportunity Housing Provider: We follow all Federal and State Housing Laws and Do Not discriminate against any protected classes. 

Copyright:  The language on this website, forms, documents, terms, and conditions that are listed herein, within any documents that is provided, photocopied, faxed,  emailed, and/or downloaded. Regardless if its blank/executed are considered "literary" works of original authorship by Toba Realtors, and thus are copyright protected. Unauthorized reproduction is copyright infringement. Copyright notices are not required on individual documents, and the absence of such a notice does not constitute a waiver of copyright protection.